School Profile

School Profile
School Profile

Name : Kaplong Girls High School

Alias Name: Kay Gee

Principal: Madam Clara Mitei

Population: 881 Girls

Location: Kaplong Junction, Bomet County

Best Food: Rice, Potatoes, Green Grams, Chapati and Pineapple

Best Asset: School Bus

Best Hangout: Basking at the Rails, especially short break

Best Day: Sunday

Uniform: White Blouse, Navy Blue Tie, Navy Blue Sweater with stripes, checked skirt, white socks and blue shoes

Best Club: Journalism and Scouting just like Art and Design

Hottest Crew: F.B.I Dance Crew and the Shakespeare

Best Entertainment: Team Kelele Courtesy of Mr. Langat Hillary

Coolest Teacher: Madam Ann Cheruiyot

Funniest Teacher: Mr. Muchanji and Mr. Too

Most Respected : Madam Clara Mitei

Best Moment: CS. Matiangi Visit to Our School during 2017 result Self Assessment Session

Our Dream: We as Kaplong Girls have a dream, we the team living in what we Believe in Keeping the dream alive and letting it shine for we remain the County Giants, and aspire and aspire to be county giants forever. For we know that the Sky is just a sight of View to greater heights for with God, we will strive.

Contact Us:
0729 744 470
Kaplong Center, Bomet County
P.o.Box 96 - 20406 Sotik
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