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Kaplong Girls High school has several houses for our students:

1. PETER AND PAUL - This is one of the best dorms with population of 56 and also one of the cleanest dorm.

2. ST. THERESA -Was completed in 2015, having 67 members

3. ST. FRANCIS -Has a capacity of 96 members. Was among the first dorms to be built.

4. ST. MARY FAUSTINA (Rockstar) -

5. ST. JOHN BOSCO "PARADISE" -One of the most fabulous dorm , with a capacity of 70 students.

6. ST. HELLEN -Also called Atlanta. It is one of the oldest dorms that accommodated great alumni like Dr. Joyce Laboso. It is the cleanest dorm, with the motto "Loyal and Unshakable. "

7. ST. CLAIRE HOUSE -This is the "WHITE HOUSE", with a theme "NEVER SAY DIE".

8. ST. JOSEPH KASA -It is also called Heavens Express. It has a total of 101 members.

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