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Board of Management Message
Board of Management Message

The Kaplong Girls Board of Management have been on top of things. The priority of the Board has been, and will be to ensure adequate and learner-friendly teaching and boarding facilities for our lovely girls, and housing for the staff to enable learners exploit their full academic potential.

Top of our priority is on infrastructure development in which the following tasks have been accomplished:

-Ultra-modern 2-storey dormitory

-2-storrey building housing 12 classrooms and teaching staff offices

-Modern Dinning Hall of a capacity of over 2,000 people

-School Posho mill

-School Bakery

-And much many more.

The school has realized enhanced transition rate to the university, with a great rise in number of girls joining various public and private universities.

We thank the Catholic Church (Sponsor) for the dedicated spiritual nourishment to our students. We thank the church also for allowing us use some of their facilities to conduct teaching.

Furthermore, employment for both genders have risen due to the increased student population to well over 800 currently.

With all these achievement, we have some limitations. We are in talks with our neighbors and have requested them to sell us land, hoping for a financial breakthrough to enable us use this much-needed limited resource to construct additional dormitories, staff houses, labs and games courts.

With the support from all the stakeholders, we are sure to attain all these ambitious plans.


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